Proofs of Evidence and related documents


David Allison - Chief Executive, South Tees Development Corporation
STDC 1/1 Summary Proof
STDC 1/2 Main Proof
STDC 1/3 Appendices
STDC 1/4 Rebuttal 

John McNicholas - Engineering and Programme Director, South Tees Development Corporation
STDC 2/1 Summary Proof
STDC 2/2 Main Proof
STDC 2/3 Appendices
STDC 2/4 Rebuttal 

Gary Macdonald - Director of Finance and Resources, Tees Valley Combined Authority and South Tees Development Corporation
STDC 3/1 Summary Proof
STDC 3/2 Main Proof
STDC 3/3 Appendices

Anthony Greally - Senior Director, Lichfields
Planning Policy and Consents
STDC 4/1 Summary Proof
STDC 4/2 Main Proof
STDC 4/3 Appendices
STDC 4/4 Rebuttal 

Guy Gilfillan - Director, Collliers International
Assessment of market demand for the South Tees Development Corporation area and its regeneration 
STDC 5/1 Summary Proof
STDC 5/2 Main Proof
STDC 5/3 Appendices
STDC 5/4 Rebuttal 

John Knowles - Head of National Capital Markets, Colliers International
Funding and viability of the regeneration of the South Tees Development Corporation area
STDC 6/1 Summary Proof
STDC 6/2 Main Proof

Dan Aylward-Mills - Head of Growth and Development, Vivid Economics
Economic benefits and viability of regeneration of the South Tees Development Corporation area
STDC 7/1 Summary Proof
STDC 7/2 Main Proof
STDC 7/3 Appendices

Michael King - Principal, Avison Young
Engagement with landowners and objectors to the CPO
STDC 8/1 Summary Proof
STDC 8/2 Main Proof
STDC 8/3 Appendices
STDC 8/4 Rebuttal 

Other Parties

OBJ-02 The Royal Bank of Scotland
OBJ-03 Tisco Bank Public Company Limited, Krungthai Bank Public Company Limited and Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited
OBJ-04 Sahaviriya Steel Industries PLC

Duncan Parr - Planning Partner, Rapleys LLP - Town Planning Matters
DP-00 - Proof of Evidence of Duncan Parr BA DUPI Dip TP MRTPI Cgeog MEWI
DP-01 Summary to Proof of Evidence
DP-APP-01 Planning History Schedule & Plan
DP-APP-02 Planning Policy Review
DP-APP-03 Alternative Master Plan Proposals
DP-APP-04 South Tees Regeneration Master Plan – Northern Industrial Zone

Peter Roberts - Partner, Dalton Warner Davis LLP
PR-00 Proof of Evidence of Peter Roberts FRICS CENV
PR-01 Summary
PR-02 Rebuttal
PR-01A - Updated Apendix 1...Roberts.pdf (14.1 MB)
PR-APP-01 Solicitors' Correspondence as to the Lawfulness of the Order
PR-APP-02 TerraConsult Plan
PR-APP-03 Extracts from the STDC Master Plan
PR-APP-04 Resource Sharing Agreement
PR-APP-05 Letter from Mishcon de Reya to Addleshaw Goddard dated 9 April 2019
PR-APP-06 Agendas, Papers and Minutes of the STDC Board
PR-APP-07 Letter from Mishcon de Reya to Addleshaw Goddard dated 15 February 2019
PR-APP-08 Letter from Mishcon de Reya to Addleshaw Goddard dated 12 March 2019
PR-APP-09 Agenda and Minutes of Meeting 11 of the STDC Audit and Risk Committee, dated 19 June 2019
PR-APP-10 Strategic Commercial Agreement dated 12 August 2019
PR-APP-11 Emails with Mr McNicholas
PR-APP-12 Correspondence with Karl Dickinson
PR-APP-13 PR Reproduction of Mr Macdonald 3B
PR-APP-14 Teesside Net Zero - DCO Briefing Note
PR-APP-15 NZT DCO and CPO Site Overlay
PR-APP-16 Masterplan p121 Central Industrial Zone
PR-APP-17 Wliton Enterprise Zone Plan
PR-APP-18 Prairie Enterprise Zone
PR-APP-19 Designation Order - Enterprise Zones
PR-APP-20 Page 72South Tees Master Plan
PR-APP-21 STDC Cost Schedule
PR-APP-22 IRR 8.4%
PR-APP-23 IRR 6.6%
PR-APP-24 IRR 5%
PR-APP-25 BCR 0.862
PR-APP-26 Transfer dated 24 March 2011

Simon Melhuish-Hancock - UK General Counsel, Sahaviriya Steel Industries Public Limited Company
SMH-00 Proof of Evidence of Simon Melhuish-Hancock
SMH-01 Summary to Proof of Evidence
SMH-02 Rebuttal Evidence
SMH-APP-01 - Media Statements from Ben Houchen
SMH-APP-02 - DWF letter of 8 March 2019 re D&O Group
SMH-APP-03 - St Modwen expression of interest dated 3 August 2017
SMH-APP-04 - Jingye Expression of Interest dated 18 September 2019
SMH-APP-05 - Jingye MoU signed 9 October 2019
SMH-APP-06 - Appointment of Cork Gully LLP dated 14 November 2019
SMH-APP-07 - Extract from Portco Shareholders Agreement 24 March 2011
SMH-APP-08 - Transfer Notice 23.12.19
SMH-APP-09 - Ben Houchen Facebook Post dated 6 January 2020
SMH-APP-10 - Chronology of discussions between the Thai Banks and the Development Corporation
SMH-APP-11 - Proposed agenda for the 29th March meeting
SMH-APP-12 - Contemporaneous notes taken at the meeting dated 29th March 2019
SMH-APP-13 - Addleshaw Goddard letter to Mishcon de Reya dated 5th April 2019
SMH-APP-14 - Addleshaw Goddard letter to Mishcon de Raya dated 3rd May 2019
SMH-APP-15 - Mishcon de Reya letter to Gowling WLG dated 7th October 2019

OBJ-05 Sembcorp Utilities (UK) Limited
Written Submission

OBJ-06 Tarmac Trading Limited and East Coast Slag Products
Proof of Evidence and Appendices

OBJ-07 British Steel Limited (in compulsory liquidation)
Proof of Evidence and Appendices

OBJ-16 Highfield Environmental Limited
Proof of Evidence 
Appendix 1: Official Register and Title Plan of leasehold title CE222458
Appendix 2: Muckle LLP letter to STDC dated 17 May 2018
Appendix 3: Gowling WLG letter dated 7 August 2018
Appendix 4: Gowling WLG letter 10 April 2019
Appendix 5: Muckle response 1 May 2019
Appendix 6: CPO Plans
Appendix 7: Wardell Armstrong Survey
Appendix 8: Right of Way Plan (A to B)
Appendix 9: Right of Way Plan (W to Y)
Appendix 10: Deed of Exchange dated 28 March 1977 and Deed of Variation 18 December 2001

OBJ-20 BOC Limited
Status of Current Position

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